Staff Directory

The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for the provision of legal services to the University and its officers, directors, administrators, faculty and staff. The office, which includes eighteen lawyers in addition to the General Counsel, eight professional staff members, and several support staff members and student assistants, provides legal advice and counsel on the broad spectrum of legal issues that arise in the operation of the University. The office is also responsible for engaging the services of outside law firms for specialized legal needs, and for coordinating and supervising their work. Each of the office's attorneys serves a varied University constituency. Please refer to Practice Areas for more information on the areas of practice for each of the OGC’s attorneys.

Communications with office lawyers are protected by the privilege for attorney-client communications, and therefore are confidential, if they are made for the purpose of seeking legal advice on behalf of the University. Such communications can be revealed only to other university officials, on a need-to-know basis.

All mail for attorneys and staff of the OGC should be sent to their attention to the following address:

Office of the General Counsel
Columbia University
412 Low Memorial Library
Mail Code 4308
535 West 116th Street
New York , NY 10027

General Counsel

Deputy General Counsel

Associate General Counsel

Director of Budget & Human Resources

Director - Policy Development

Assistant Director of Business Operations

Assistant Director of Finance and Administration

Assistant Office Manager 

Patent Paralegal


Executive Assistant to the General Counsel

Legal Assistant