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Statement on Personal Legal Resources & Lawyer Referrals 

The Office of the General Counsel does not provide legal advice or representation to individual members of the University community regarding matters against the University or of a personal nature, such as divorce, wills, or landlord tenant issues. If you need personal legal advice or representation, you may be able to obtain information and assistance from these organizations from the resources listed below:

Legal Help for the Public, a comprehensive website with links to resources, including information on help on pro bono cases and printable brochures on how to handle different types of legal matters, provided by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

 Legal Aid Society

Legal Referral Service, sponsored by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the New York County Lawyers' Association, recommends attorneys with general experience or with expertise in particular areas.

Many counties in New York provide lawyer referral services for individuals looking for an attorney. The New York State Bar Association can guide you in you to these services.

NOTE: Any links to non-Columbia University information are provided as a courtesy. These links are provided for reference and general informational purposes only. In no way does Columbia University , or the Office of General Counsel specifically, accept any responsibility for the content of the linked pages, or for any consequences of the use of said pages. Nor does the Office of General Counsel vouch for the validity of the information on said pages. In no way should the content of this page, or the linked pages, be construed as legal advice from Columbia University or any agent thereof.